By applying and participating in the Hack4Growth, all participants have consent to the Hack4Growth Code of Conduct as well as the Terms and Conditions as follows:

Code of Conduct

We want everyone to have a great experience at the Hack4Growth. To ensure a safe environment, all attendees (which includes but not limited to participants both in person and remotely, sponsors, partners, coaches, mentors, judges, volunteers and staff) are required to abide by this Code of Conduct.

We do not tolerate harassment of attendees, in any form and under any circumstances. Harassment includes, but is not limited to, offensive verbal comments related to gender, gender identity and expression, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, nationality, or religion, sexual images in public spaces, deliberate intimidation, stalking, following, photography or audio/ video recording against reasonable consent, disruption of talks or other events, inappropriate physical contact and unwelcome attention.

Attendees requested to cease any harassing behaviour are expected to comply immediately. If you are being harassed, observe or learn of someone else being harassed, or have any other concerns, please notify a member of the organisational team immediately.

If an attendee engages in harassing behaviour or conduct deemed in anyway inappropriate, the organisers may take any counter-measure they deem appropriate. This includes warning the offender, expulsion from the Hack4Growth and/ or reporting their behaviour to law enforcement agencies.

Terms and Conditions

It is a condition of participation that these terms and conditions are accepted by the Participant prior to the Event. These terms and conditions, once confirmed by the Participants, form a binding legal agreement between the Organizer (Association of Vietnamese Scientists and Experts Global, hereby AVSE Global) and the Participants. Please read them carefully.


  1. Only pre-selected participants are allowed to participate in the all related proceedings, event and training, unauthorized individuals and/or non-participants are not admitted in any related proceeding, event or training.
  2. Participants must be at least 18 years old.
  3. Participants must provide information in advance of the Event as reasonably requested by the organisers.
  4. Individuals are not eligible to participate in the Event if they:
    •  are employees or related to the event organizers and/or sponsors
    • are related to any of the Event judges;
    • employ any of the Event judges or they are employed by any of the Event judges;

The Participant confirms that he/she does not have a conflict of interest in taking part in the Event.  

  1. The Participant is responsible at all times for complying with the Code of Conduct of the event
  2. As for track 2, you can submit an innovative concept, demo, prototype, a product under testing period or an already commercialized product which has been active for less than 5 years aggregately from  incorporation until June 15th 2020..

Rules for Submissions and the Organizer’s right to use Submissions 

  1. The Participant will develop, reformulate or present a prototype or demo during the Event to be presented and submitted for judging at the Event (“Submission”). The prototype or demo can undertake the form in printing, an app, storyboard, logic diagram. Selected submissions at the pre-screening round will move on to the Final round..
  2. Submissions must be presented and submitted in either Vietnamese or English language.
  3. The Submission must be the Participant’s original work and must not be funded or commissioned, in whole or in part, by any third party. The Submission must not be awarded among top 3 prizes in any other contests, competitions or Hack4Growths. However, the Submission may use publicly available APIs and data.

The submission must not contain material that constitutes copyright infringement or violates or infringes another’s rights, including but not limited to privacy, publicity, or intellectual property rights. The Submission must not contain brand names or trademarks other than those owned by 

Organizer, which the entrant has a limited license to use to incorporate in his/her submission in the Hackathon; 

The submission must not contain material that is inappropriate, indecent, obscene, hateful, tortuous, defamatory, slanderous, or libelous; The submission must not contain material that promotes bigotry, racism, hatred, or harm against any group or individual or that promotes discrimination based on race, gender, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age; and The submission must not contain material that is unlawful, in violation of or contrary to applicable laws or regulations of Vietnam. 

Additionally, entrants represent and warrant that their submissions: 

Do not infringe any other person’s or entity’s rights; Are their own original creations; Do not contain crude, vulgar or offensive pictures, depictions, images, language and/or symbols; Do not contain gratuitous violence, gun or other imagery or gestures of weapons; Do not contain nudity; Do not contain explicit, graphic or sexual activity; Do not contain commercial products (e.g., clothing, toys, food) and/or their trademarks, brands or logos; Do not contain hard liquor, beer, wine or other alcohol use or product images; Do not contain license plates, phone numbers, personal addresses – physical or email or otherwise; 

  1. Ownership of intellectual property (IP) rights in the Submission will remain with the Participant. You are free to use your Submission (and any creative ideas, concepts, materials and works it embodies) in any way you wish after the Event. However, by registering for the Hackathon, entering a submission and creating works during the Hackathon, you, as a Participant, agree that the organizers and the partners receive an irrevocable, non-exclusive, royalty‐ free license to use, and publicly display and perform such submission at the Hackathon and works for non-commercial and/or promotional purposes.

The organizer is allowed to use participants’ works and photos/videos of you for non-commercial and/or promotional purposes, such as campaigns for future hackathons.  

  1. The Organizer wishes to have right of first refusal to opt to work with Participants to further develop their Submissions. For six (6) months following the Hackathon, the Organizer requests that the Participant contacts the Organizer in written format before communicating with anyone else about using, further developing or commercially exploiting the Submission and any creative ideas, concepts, materials and works it embodies. The Organizer will confirm its decision promptly.
  2. By submitting the Submission, the Participant confirms that he/she is not aware of any intellectual property rights in or associated with the Submission that are owned by third parties or may prevent commercial exploitation of the Submission.

Judging and Awards 

  1. The panel of judges is selected by the Organizer and may change in the event of unforeseen circumstances.
  2. The following criteria will be used to judge Submissions: 
  • Innovation and Originality 30%,  
  • Social Impact – 20%,  
  • Scalability – 20%,  
  • Presentation Skills – 10%,  
  • Feedback from Coach – 10%,  
  • Team composition and teamwork – 10% 

However, all decisions related to judging of Submissions are at the sole discretion of the Organizer and are final and binding. 

  1. The Organizer reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to award additional prizes or to vary the prizes, up to the specified amounts of prize money. Non-monetary prizes may be subject to separate terms and conditions
  2. Payment of any prize money awarded will be made to the Participant by arrangement following completion of the Event to the bank details as advised by the Participant (or if the winning Submission is submitted by more than one Participant, by arrangement with the winning teams’ leader/representative). The Organizer has no responsibility for how that prize money is subsequently used by the Participant. If the winning Submission is submitted by a group of Participants, the Organizer has no responsibility for how prize money or other prizes are distributed between them nor for any disagreements between them.

Use of information and publicity 

  1. In this clause “Confidential Information” means secret or confidential commercial, financial, marketing, technical or other information, know-how, trade secrets and other information in any form or medium whether disclosed orally or in writing, together with any reproductions of such information in any form or medium or any part(s) of this information.
  2. The Participant acknowledges that it may receive or have access to Confidential Information of the organizer, its affiliates, agents and/or suppliers, sponsors, partners in connection with the Event. All Confidential Information shall be kept strictly confidential by the Participant, regardless of whether such information is marked as “confidential”. The Participant agrees that it shall use at least the same degree of diligence to protect the Confidential Information as it uses to protect his/her own confidential and sensitive information (being no less than a reasonable level of diligence). The Participant will not disclose any Confidential Information to anyone. The Participant agrees that it will not use the Confidential Information for any purpose other than participating in the Event.
  3. The above obligations of confidentiality shall not apply to Confidential Information to the extent that: (i) the Confidential Information is, or becomes (other than through a breach of these terms and conditions or other confidentiality obligations in place) generally known to the public; or (ii) the Confidential Information is proven by documentary evidence to have been developed independently by the Participant without reference to the Organizer’s or its affiliates’ Confidential Information; or (iii) the Confidential Information was rightfully received in good faith by the Participant without obligation of confidentiality from a third party; or (iv) disclosure is required by law, provided that (where reasonably practicable to do so) the disclosing party gives the non-disclosing party prompt written notice of the request for disclosure, cooperates with the non-disclosing party in obtaining protective order or other remedy, and discloses only that portion of the Confidential Information which it is legally compelled to disclose.
  4. The Participant agrees to reasonably use or quote the hashtag, branding, Facebook or other social media addresses of the Organizer, its affiliates and the Event without inducing any malicious, unjust or misleading intent.
  5. The Participant hereby grants to the Organizer, its affiliates and agents acting on behalf of the Organizer a royalty-free, non-exclusive, irrevocable, worldwide right to refer to the Participant and/or the Submission and to use images and/or video/audio footage taken at the Event and/or showing the Submission in any publicity materials and for promotional purposes at any time (including but not limited to the Organizer websites or other media).
  6. Any and all personal information obtained by the Organizer will be treated in accordance with the Organizer’s data policy. Participants will be contacted in connection with the Event, and unless otherwise indicated may also be contacted by the Organizer about other relevant activities and opportunities.


  1. The Participant is solely responsible for all costs and expenses incurred by him/her in relation to the Submission in the Pre-selection and the Hackathon. Selected teams for Hackathon finale will have transportation costs to the Hackathon and conference venue, meals and other activities within Hackathon and the Conference covered by the Organizer.
  2. The Organizer reserves the right to cancel or postpone the Event for any reason without liability.
  3. The Participant is solely responsible for any damage to his/her own property or any property, facilities and equipment provided by the Organizer and its partners during the course of the Event.
  4. Without prejudice to any other right or remedy of the Organizer, the Participant may be excluded from the Event or from receiving any prizes or have an awarded prize cancelled if the Participant fails to comply with these terms and conditions.
  5. Nothing in these terms and conditions nor the award of any prize shall constitute any obligation on the part of the Organizer or the Participant to enter into any future agreement or relationship.
  6. These terms and conditions constitute the whole agreement and understanding between the Organizer and the Participant relating to the Event.
  7. The Participant may not assign, sub-contract or otherwise transfer his/her rights or obligations under these terms and conditions.
  8. The formation, existence, construction, performance, validity and all aspects of these terms and conditions and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with them and/or the Event shall be governed by the Law of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.


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