OVERVIEW Introduction about Quang Ninh

The event will take place from August 6th- 8th 2020 in Quang Ninh – Vietnam’s latest innovation hub and home to Ha Long Bay – a world class travel destination and UNESCO’s World Natural Heritage Site

Quang Ninh lies towards the northeastern region of Vietnam. Boasting 250km long coastline, Quang Ninh attracts tourist for many beautiful beaches, highly-concentrated biological diversity with many ecosystems of coral reefs, tropical forests, water-flooded forests featuring thousands of species and also for Halong Bay – a renowned World Heritage Site.

Additionally, the province is also rich in cultural as well as historical values with different ethnic groups and home to several historical and cultural sites. Ocean and coastal economics and tourism development, associated with the emerging Vân Đồn Economic Special Zone and Móng Cái Free Border Gate, are major drivers that underline Quang Ninh as one of the country’s highest economically growing provinces.

Strategic location, abundant natural resources and manpower, international economic integration and strong initiatives from the local authority have jointly elevated Quang Ninh to one of the key innovation hubs in the country. This is the main reason why the province is picked as the destination for Vietnam Innovation Links 2020 and Hack4Growth – where the internationals and locals convene to dialogue with thought leaders, distinguished speaker, entrepreneurs and innovators to highlight Vietnam and Quang Ninh on the world’s innovation landscape and more importantly nurture an ever growing innovation ecosystem in the country.

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