Tam Vu

Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Oxford, UK and University of Colorado Boulder

Tam Vu is an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Oxford, UK and University of Colorado Boulder. He has found and been directing Mobile and Networked Systems Laboratory (MNS), where his team is focusing on building wireless and embedded systems to capture the surrounding physical and human context, secure critical cyber physical systems, and provide seamless network connectivity for CPS at the presence of mobility. These systems gravitate around health-care systems, smart buildings, transportation systems, and smart and connected cities.

His trailblazing contributions in the field lay a scientific foundation for a new type of embedded systems, called Earable Systems, which are robust, efficient, and effective ear-worn sensing and stimulation devices for long-term and unobtrusive healthcare and brain-computer interactions. In addition to that, he has been leading multiple projects supported by government agencies and industry with the total funding amount of more than $7.5M. The research outcomes of his lab are published in highly selective venues such as ACM MobiCom, ACM MobiSys, ACM Sensys, ACM SIGMETRICS, ACM CCS, among other venues.

Together with his collaborators, he has received a number of recognitions in embedded system research community including a Sloan Fellowship, NSF CAREER
award, two (02) Google Faculty Awards, and eleven (11) best paper awards, research highlights, and best paper award nominees in flagship venues such as ACM SenSys, MobiCom, and MobiSys. He founded two (02) startups and attracted external investments to turn his research results into commercial solutions based on the patents that he filed. His works also received wide press coverage including Denver post, CNN TV, Fox News Channel, National Public Radio (NPR), The NY Times, The Wall Street Journal, MIT TechReview, and Yahoo! News.

In addition to working on the cutting-edge research, he has been extensively involved in the Mobile System research community services, serving in the organizing team of MobiCom, MobiSys, SenSys, and IPSN, co-chairs for two workshops, delivering two keynotes speech at MobiHoc and SenSys workshops, chairing many technical sessions, being technical program committee member for
first-tier conferences, and top-tier mobile computing journals. Last but not least, he is actively pushing his research outcomes to practice through technology transfer activities with 25 patents filed and formed two startups (Now Vitals Inc, and Earable Inc) to commercialize them.